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Camry Jones October 18, 2021

When October rolls around each year, pink stuff starts popping up everywhere. Sporting events often dedicate a competition night to breast cancer awareness, and fans wear pink to support their teams. Another common thing that occurs is bake sales, t-shirt sales, and games where the profit will go to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. […]

Camry Jones October 15, 2021

The month of October is one of many stressful months when it comes to being a student. Worrying about what your midterm grades will look like, preparing for exams, and of course trying to figure out what to wear for Halloween. Squid Games player or Squid Games guard? I know, hard choice. On the other […]

Alex Loew October 13, 2021

The DMACC Volleyball team is sitting at #16 in the NJCAA rankings through 22 games this year. The rest of October through November starts a busy schedule for the Bears. From October 13-31, the Bears will play 12 matches, which includes two tournaments and the Regional Tournament taking place October 30-31. The District Tournament will […]

Rachel Bennett October 8, 2021

In 2011, when Bitcoin was started, one Bitcoin was worth $1. Now, one Bitcoin is worth $49,224.20. While not everyone may earn that much off the bat, they may at least earn some walking-around money. Learning how finances and the economy work early on will give anyone a head-up in the finance game. Christian Cryder, […]

Alex Loew October 7, 2021

Both men’s and women’s golf teams have featured an ICCAC Athlete of the Week this year, with both athletes earning the award in the same week. The two Bears who earned the award were each program’s first winners of the year. Ashley Michel from the women’s golf team shot a career best 77 in the […]

Camry Jones October 6, 2021

This past weekend the DMACC Bears Volleyball team held its first home tournament housing 13 teams. The tournament took place on October 1st and the 2nd, taking full advantage of the fieldhouse and playing four games at one time. The college teams that participated include: Glen Oaks, Heartland, Metropolitan, Iowa Central, Southeastern, North Dakota State, […]

Layk Nollen October 5, 2021

Anyone who enters Door 8 near the Courter Center can see a room to the left filled with shelves and refrigerators. From dried goods to frozen meals, toiletries to school supplies, the DMACC Boone Food Pantry has everything a student needs, according to Erin Neumann, coordinator of the food pantry. “First of all, we are […]

Camry Jones October 4, 2021

Somehow we are just days away from the DMACC women’s basketball team participating in their first scrimmage of the season. Steve Krafcisin is entering his 17th year coaching women’s basketball at DMACC. Steve has had many assistants over the years but the former player and DMACC All-American Jocelyn Kovarik has assisted him going on her […]

Alex Loew September 29, 2021

Writing papers, articles, and editorials isn’t for everyone. If you’re like me, you dreaded taking those college Composition courses in high school. Most of the papers or essays were long, dragged out, and mostly about information you couldn’t care less about. It was in my first media production and marketing class where all that changed.  […]