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Alex Loew September 22, 2021

The DMACC Bears athletic program has updated their coaching staff once again this year. Four new coaches have been added or promoted including: a new promotion for the volleyball program, two new assistant coaches for the reigning national champions in men’s basketball, and a new softball assistant coach. With three new faces and a promotion […]

Rachel Bennett September 20, 2021

In this time of uncertainty, knowing what peers are experiencing can be comforting. Banner News polled Boone DMACC’s students to find out what they think of the COVID-19 vaccine, how it affected them, and other questions.  Out of 94 individuals who answered, 71.28% received the vaccine, and 28.72% did not. Out of 63 vaccinated responders, […]

Camry Jones September 13, 2021

DMACC’s new full-time campus nurse Lori Zahnd is ready to take on a challenge. “I love the opportunity to build something from the ground up and appreciate a good challenge,” she said. There’s also a deeper connection to the Boone DMACC campus.  “My husband is a graduate of DMACC and was a member of Phi […]

Alex Loew September 10, 2021

The Bear’s men’s golf team has completed two meets so far, placing third and second respectively. The Bears placed third in the Iowa Central Fall Kickoff. Overall, the Bears would shoot 301 as a team scoring at 17+. They were led by Sam Vertanen who shot 2+ on the day. Ethan Gills and Joe Dean […]

Alex Loew September 3, 2021

“Play with a purpose.” These words from new head coach Danielle Lopez are words that stick in the mind of the Bear’s second year outside hitter Anna Niehaus. Living in the middle of a pandemic is a challenge for all students, including student-athletes. With the potential for any game of the year to be the […]

Camry Jones September 1, 2021

With school just starting back up, the SAC (Student Activities Committee) wanted to bring some life back to DMACC after the boring, covid year we had. From DJs to free food, we had it all.  Steve Krafcisin is the head of the SAC committee and also the head women’s basketball coach. Under Steve is Magan […]

Cyote Williams April 23, 2021

If you aren’t aware of the proposed European Super League (ESL) that took the European football world by storm and dominated every headline for the week, I’m going to give you the breakdown of how it started, why it was awful and why within a single week it has been suspended.  Much like American sports […]

Cyote Williams April 20, 2021

5 players reached double figures in the Bears 90-67 win over Southeast (NE). After their blowout victory DMACC will go on to face either Jonhson County or Mott in the next round.  That game will take place on April 21st. Player of the Year Willie Guy led DMACC in scoring with 17. Image courtesy of […]

Cyote Williams April 14, 2021

If you’re above the age of 21 like I am then you’ve probably experienced a hangover. Whether you had a great night of drinking (responsibly of course) or a terrible night (again, responsibly), they both have the same chance of ending up the same wayーhungover. I’m going to go through the entire hangover experience, not […]

Cyote Williams April 7, 2021

Women’s sports at DMACC had a fantastic week, pulling out tons of awards, honors and W’s. Softball, volleyball, golf and basketball all had their hand in these accolades.  Softball moved up to #6 in the NJCAA National polls after winning three games against Kirkwood at home this weekend. Solid performances from Sophie Maras and Lexi […]