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Camry Jones

Camry Jones January 25, 2022

When people think about student-athletes some of the stereotypes are that we are not smart, have people do our homework for us, and/or that the rules do not apply to us. With that, some people can be on the dumber side, but being a student-athlete doesn’t give them that title. Some think that we have […]

Camry Jones November 22, 2021

It’s not every day that the Boone campus gets a visit from two nationally known artists, in the same week.  On November 30th, Sten Joddi will be speaking on campus at 10 AM in the auditorium. Joddi is an award-winning rapper, tattoo artist and is an activist for indigenous representation. Joddi played Punkin Lusty on […]

Camry Jones November 17, 2021

DMACC is developing a new branch of work-study, called the Student Ambassador program.  “When starting the Student Ambassador Program, we had many goals in mind for Boone Campus,” said Cameron Johnson, Head of the Student Ambassador Program.  The main goal of the program is to improve the student-to-student connection on the prospective students visit on […]

Camry Jones November 10, 2021

Over this past weekend, the DMACC women’s basketball team opened up their season participating in the Central College Classic in Columbus, Nebraska. The Lady Bears faced Southeast Community College on Friday where they came out with a 14-point win over the Storm. Magan Christopherson of Milford, Iowa, led the team with 26 points along with […]

Camry Jones October 27, 2021

DMACC is already entering the second half of the first semester! Students are starting to apply for colleges and trying to figure out their transfer plans after they graduate from DMACC. While the push of transferring to a four-year college can be a big weight on a student’s shoulders, don’t be afraid to explore other […]

Camry Jones October 18, 2021

When October rolls around each year, pink stuff starts popping up everywhere. Sporting events often dedicate a competition night to breast cancer awareness, and fans wear pink to support their teams. Another common thing that occurs is bake sales, t-shirt sales, and games where the profit will go to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. […]

Camry Jones October 15, 2021

The month of October is one of many stressful months when it comes to being a student. Worrying about what your midterm grades will look like, preparing for exams, and of course trying to figure out what to wear for Halloween. Squid Games player or Squid Games guard? I know, hard choice. On the other […]

Camry Jones October 6, 2021

This past weekend the DMACC Bears Volleyball team held its first home tournament housing 13 teams. The tournament took place on October 1st and the 2nd, taking full advantage of the fieldhouse and playing four games at one time. The college teams that participated include: Glen Oaks, Heartland, Metropolitan, Iowa Central, Southeastern, North Dakota State, […]

Camry Jones October 4, 2021

Somehow we are just days away from the DMACC women’s basketball team participating in their first scrimmage of the season. Steve Krafcisin is entering his 17th year coaching women’s basketball at DMACC. Steve has had many assistants over the years but the former player and DMACC All-American Jocelyn Kovarik has assisted him going on her […]

Camry Jones September 13, 2021

DMACC’s new full-time campus nurse Lori Zahnd is ready to take on a challenge. “I love the opportunity to build something from the ground up and appreciate a good challenge,” she said. There’s also a deeper connection to the Boone DMACC campus.  “My husband is a graduate of DMACC and was a member of Phi […]