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Mary Rowan February 22, 2017


This semester, the Boone DMACC Campus offered a yoga class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:15 am. This class was for beginners and those who are more advanced. The Instructor Tanya Hardgrave-Klein has been an adjunct here at Boone DMACC for 15 years.

Hardgrave-Klein teaches Human Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Fitness Leadership. She has also taught at Grandview and Iowa State.

The yoga classes will end on March 1. I asked Hardgrave-Klein why she recommends yoga? “It’s a great start to your day. It helps to connect mind and body in our busy, chaotic world that’s challenging, and yoga helps you to relax and have flexibility.”

I attended my first yoga class on Feb 15. I was skeptical about it but always wanted to try it. During the first class, I felt the muscles stretching in my legs, arms and the tummy area without exerting myself.

Learning to breathe takes a while to develop because I was not used to monitoring my breathing. At the end of the day, I slept for three hours. For me that is something special because my sleep pattern is always a few minutes here and there; two hours at most.

I would recommend anyone who has wanted to try yoga to give it a try. It has helped me in just two sessions. I am hoping DMACC brings it back after spring break.



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