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admin February 22, 2017

Sometimes I get that feeling.

That sends my brain through the ceiling.

God please forgive us for we’re so willing.

To do these evil deeds only out of spite.

All because the government dares to try and tell us wrong from right.

They won’t tell us why they’re killing all our brothers and sisters who won’t put up a fight.

YES I’M BLACK! And YES #BlackLivesMatter

The struggle is real.

Oh, Lord I don’t know how to feel.

I want to get revenge, but according to Your will.

My heart is filled with anger so it corrupts my soul.

Born to stand out like a text written in all caps and bold.

They don’t care they’d rather leave us in the cold.

If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

Forced to believe Eve wasn’t a colored queen.

Sticking us between violence and championship rings.

YES I’M BLACK! And YES you’re stereotyping

They treat us like dogs, then ask for us to lend them a paw.

They say You’re the judge God, but judge us with or without a court of law.

They’re the ones banging guns instead of gavels, then erase our minds and ask what we saw.

Who can honestly smile in a time of despair?

To wake up without the love of a friend who was always there?

To grow up with a parent who really doesn’t care?

YES I’M BLACK! And YES you were caught on camera

I’m always in my feelings but simply trying to escape.

Like the PTSD girl who keeps having flashbacks of her rape.

I’m sorry not sorry, allow me to cross the yellow tape.

I wanna give my two cents and do my part.

But they’re steady moving slow, now they can’t hear his heart.

Maybe we should all wear hoodies, eat skittles, and drink tea;

do you know where I can find a Trayvon-Mart?

YES I’M BLACK! And YES you’re petty

Oh hey Mr. Ferguson. Do you know where Michael Brown is?

Probably in school right, because he is a good kid!

WAIT! You what? Please don’t say that’s what you did.

Someone call Sandy I need her to speak.

WHAT HER TOO, now I know you’re weak!

How can we stop the violence if they won’t let us speak?

YES I’M BLACK! And NO you CAN’T silence me.

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