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admin December 11, 2017

This time of year in Iowa means getting ready to wear winter coats and to brace the freezing temperatures outside as we are heading into winter weather. But, aside from the icy roads and antarctic atmosphere, most DMACC students do not necessarily know the winter weather policy for our school. By knowing the proper protocol, you will be able to know if your class is cancelled or delayed during this upcoming snowy season.


Policies are different for each professor, but the most basic protocol is posted on the official DMACC website. It is written on the website that if there is a blizzard or an ice storm, there will be an announcement posted on the website. You may also be notified through the DMACC Alert System; when you registered here at Boone DMACC, your email address and phone number were automatically entered into the system. You can also add your personal phone number, landline, or another email address into the system through this link: to receive the alerts .


On top of those alerts, you may also find information in a variety of media outlets. Aside from checking the official DMACC website, you can also check,, or for possible closing information. You can log onto DMACC’s Facebook or Twitter page as well where they will have announcements posted. TV channels WOI-TV Ch. 5 Ames, KCCI-TV Ch. 8 Des Moines, and WHO-TV Ch. 13 Des Moines will also have information regarding DMACC’s closing procedures. There are also a number of radio stations you can tune into and phone numbers to call for additional information resources →


However, like mentioned above, each professor has their own personal procedure for cancelling or delaying their classes. It is recommended for you to talk to each of your professors and find out what each of their plans are before the snowy season is here. If the whole DMACC campus is closed, then there won’t be class. But, if it is heavily snowing outside and you haven’t heard about the campus closing, check any of the resources mentioned above or contact your professors to figure out the solution to the situation.


Most likely, you will be informed about the day’s closing when it happens. It is recommended for you to be checking the above resources and monitoring your class announcements, as well as your school email. If those sources do not help, then your last resort would be to call your DMACC campus’ phone number and ask the front desk. Chances are, your professors will have reported to the desk and you will be able to get the information you need. Keep updated with the proper protocols and you will be set for future closings to come, and stay safe as we approach this cold and icy weather.

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