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admin March 27, 2017

Do you like to eat good food? Who doesn’t? I have personally made my way through out Boone testing out the many restaurants the town has to offer. One thing that surprised me was the diversity of food selection. From Chinese food, Italian food, and Mexican food, there are many good tastes in Boone. The first restaurant that caught me by the taste buds was the Kai Yuan Buffet located on 804 Story St. This Buffet didn’t have too large of a selection, but boy was the food pure quality. This restaurant gave good food for a great price of only $9.50. They also had a nice desert buffet with ice cream. The second restaurant that caught me by the buds is Whistle Stop, located on 1102 Story st. This restaurant was more of a diner. They serve ginormous sized pancakes! their breakfast selection had variety and the omelettes are great as well. If you are going however, you better try the pancakes! Another Chinese restaurant that i enjoyed was the New China restaurant on 716 Story st. This restaurant gave off a really nice Chinese cultural feeling. The food there was served in large portions for under $10.50! I really advise going to this restaurant, it is worth it! A high class restaurant that caught my attention right of the bat is the restaurant Tic Toc, located on 716 Keeler st. This restaurant was amazing, plain and simple. It was  a little high priced, but the food was very much worth it. If I could imagine how food in Italy would taste, it would be similar to the food at Tic Toc.  My favorite dish here was the Fettuccine Alfredo. It was very creamy but not too thick. It also came with strips of chicken breast on top, very good addition to the dish. Last but not least, if you are looking for some outstanding Mexican food, La Carreta on 1215 S Story st. is the place to be! From the music, to the chips and salsa appetizer, to the actual meal, everything seems to be on point here. The pricing is very fair and the service is very nice. I highly advise getting the enchiladas! Go out and explore with any other places in Boone! You’d be surprised at what you’d find.

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