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admin October 2, 2017

By Dalton Patterson

One of the many services provided at DMACC, is the “Free Movie Nights.” Students need only to show their I.D. for admission to a free showing of the current film. During any other day of the week, students of DMACC are given a $1 discount. This event is paid for by the Student Activities Council (SAC).

“The free movie night event has been in place for a little over three years,” said Steve Krafcisin, coordinator of the SAC. The goal of this event is to provide students with recreational opportunities while also supporting local business.”

Many don’t realize the process in which the theater acquires films. The current owner, Erin Robey, was more than happy to share the process. Theaters, such as ours, will contact the studios themselves and request the film. If the request goes through, then next step is a deposit charge, however not every studio requires this. “With Cinemark being relatively close, we mostly use family films. These films are typically the most profitable for us, though we do try for higher rated films when we can.”

Erin Robey is not the first to own the Boone theater. She did, however, take over as the previous owners were close relatives who had decided it was time to retire. The DMACC crowd has been a helpful arrangement. “The last movie night brought in around 60 people for a showing of “IT”. With the students of DMACC showing an interest in the theater I feel that it brings others from town as well.”


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