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Mary Rowan March 17, 2017

                                                                               That Look!!!!!!

Have you ever gotten That Look and the scrunched up face from a checkout person? When you ask them not to put cleaning supplies that are not sealed except for a cap on the bottle in with the food. Also when you give them a $100.00 bill and the purchase was for $23.65 and they just hand you the change without counting. So what you should do is say 20, 40, 60, 65, 70, And that’s when you get That Look for the second time so you just say have a wonderful day weekend and walk out like a boss.

When did checkout people stop counting your change to you? When did they start putting cleaning supplies in with food?

Should businesses start training their employees to do these things again?

As a consumer would you like businesses to bring these things back?

I have encountered this problem for several years now. I try to shop at the places who respect their customers and do the small things like separate the products check your eggs to see if they are not cracked. Those businesses that count your change. The stores that don’t have the aisles full of clutter. To be a great business look after your customers and make them feel valued.

If stores would take the time to train the employees right, and, yes, the old fashioned right way people would come back to those stores.

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