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admin January 27, 2017

Students’ Predictions

By: “French” Millbrooks


As of January 20, 2017 Chris Brown and Soulja Boy make headlines everywhere as the first beef of the year.

Chris Brown “friend checked” Soulja Boy, because he liked and commented on Chris’s ex Karrueche’s picture via instagram.

Everyone feels this was the cause of the beef, but Chris says otherwise. Soulja felt he didn’t do anything wrong, so he posted;

Soulja Boy @souljaboy

“Chris brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked ‪@karrueche picture on Instagram this ***** a *****.”

Chris Brown @chrisbrown

“We both know that you know what I do.” “I don’t talk ****, this **** is beneath me. I want to bring Black people together, but you gotta get you’re *** whooped my *****. I’m gonna be real with you.” It became official when Soulja mentioned Chris’s daughter.

Now the fight is on; Mike Tyson will train Chris
and Floyd Mayweather will train Soulja


I decided to go “on the street” and ask our staff and students who do they think will win the fight and why?

Q: Who do you think would win the fight of Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy? Why?

“Chris Brown, because Soulja got Chris ****** up talking about Chris’s daughter. Chris Brown gonna beat that lil boy up.” –Casara Cain

“Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, so that’s all I can see.” –Emma Slight

Chris Moon didn’t know who Soulja Boy was, so when I mentioned his song Superman she said, “OH I LOVE THAT SONG! Chris Brown, great business opportunity for the both of them.”

“It’s freaking Chris Brown, I mean come on.” -Mary Pacheco

“Kind of, I mean idk I’m torn. Soulja Boy, because Chris Brown might only be good at beating women up. End of case put him in jail.” –Bobbi Stallworth

“Chris Brown, he has Mike Tyson training him, and Mike is better than Floyd.” –Christina (front desk)

“Chris Brown is going to win. I love Chris Brown.” – Aubrey Schmitt

“Chris Brown gone beat his ***.” -Nysir

“Whoever is training with Mike Tyson, I pick him.” –Amanda Cartney

“I want to say Soulja Boy, but its Mike Tyson.” –Bailey Turner

“HEH! Chris Brown.” –Steve Bouma

“Man Chris Brown, he has martial arts under his belt.” –Noiis

“Soulja Boy, Floyd is better at fighting strategies.” –Brandon Spencer

Upset you didn’t get to answer this weeks question, or maybe you have a tea you’d like to be brewed email me: Keep an eye out for my “Tea of The Week” posts and news. I might just pour your tea in everyone’s cup. Remember the stronger the tea, the clearer your voice is. -French

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