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admin February 13, 2017

How do we feel about our athletes taking a stance by not attending a annual Superbowl celebration located at President Trump’s White House. Martellius Bennett (pro-bowl Tight End for N.E Patriots) was straight forward when speaking to the media on the issues of not going stating “I’m not going to go.” also ending with “It is what it is, people know how I feel about it.” Martellius Bennett and other pro-athletes have been critical of Trump since the controversial campaign.
One thing should be added for the other side, 4 time Superbowl MVP Tom Brady decided in the 2014-15 when the Patriots won Superbowl 49 didn’t attend the celebration of the Superbowl with President Obama. Popular ESPN analyst Stephan A. Smith was quoted saying “”So Tom Brady couldn’t attend, huh? So Tom Brady couldn’t attend,” Smith said. “But was he there in 2001 when George W. Bush was president? Yes. Was he there in 2003 and 2004? I’m just simply presenting the question because I got a problem with the fact that the franchise quarterback… the face of New England Patriots, the future Hall of Famer and all of this other stuff. Tom Brady can’t do anything wrong. He passes gas as perfume, OK. That’s how untouchable Tom Brady is but when George W. Bush was president in 2001, 2003, 2004, Tom Brady was there. Tom Brady was there at the White House celebrating.”
Devin McCourty the teams Defensive Back who’s also an important player in this years Superbowl run will not attend and didn’t hold back with his comments why. “I’m not going to the White House,” McCourty said “Basic reason for me is I don’t feel accepted in the White House. With the president having so many strong opinions and prejudices I believe certain people might feel accepted there while others won’t”

Recently I sat down with DMACC student Steven B. to get his opinion on the matter this is what he had to say.
Brandon: With all these political issues in sports How do you feel about players taking a strike against Trump?
Steven: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but as a country we have to do a better job making Trump feel like he’s our president, help and encourage him to do better rather than not giving him a chance.
Brandon: “Should the White House be a requirement for championship teams or no? Why?”
Steven: “No it’s politics and sports which has nothing to do with one another. The White House is the highest honor and everyone should still respect the opportunity that most Americans don’t get.”
Brandon: “If you feel McCourtey and Bennett are wrong for not attending the celebration do you feel the same way about Tom Brady skipping during Barack Obama’s administration?”

Steven: “No neither are wrong players have the right not to go it’s just the principle that the White House is a honor of our country so everyone should want to go.”

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