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admin October 13, 2017

If you are a Boone DMACC student, you have probably gotten the hundreds of emails from a group called the SAC. If you don’t know already, SAC stands for Student Activities Council, and they are in charge of making sure that DMACC students are having fun while attending college. The SAC plans events and opportunities for the people of DMACC to take a break from their studies, relax their brains, and have some fun. This group is great for our college because they are giving students opportunities to take a break and relax for a change.

The SAC has planned multiple events so far this year. A hypnotist show, a free movie night, and a dodgeball tournament have all been a part of what the SAC is trying to accomplish. The SAC provides safe and fun environments for students who just want a little break from studying. Every week, there seems to be a new event that the group is sponsoring. For example, by showing your DMACC student ID, students were able to see the critically acclaimed movie “It” for free. They also scheduled this event on free popcorn night at the Boone Movie Theater, which was a big plus for students who were looking to not spend a lot of money. Each event is new, different, and exciting, as they should be to recruit new student participants and to persuade the alumni participants (students who have attended multiple events) to keep coming back.

For most of their events, no money is needed to be spent. The SAC seems to understand that the stigma of broke college students is a real thing and that students really just want to have a good time without having to worry about budgeting. They also schedule events at reasonable times of the day so the events can be fit into most student’s schedules. Since the SAC is mostly made up of DMACC students, it can be assumed that every aspect of college is taken into consideration when thinking of events. Typically, two of the only things on a college student’s mind are money and homework, and the SAC is on the right track to eliminating some of the stress we have for these obligations.

The SAC is also constantly looking for volunteers to join the group. About once a month, DMACC students and staff get an email saying that there is a SAC meeting happening in room 171 on campus. They provide lunch for group members and talk about the different ways that they can get students to get involved. The meeting is only a half hour long and not in the middle of classes so students can attend.

I believe that the SAC is an incredible thing that DMACC is providing. I, myself, have taken advantage of multiple opportunities that this group has provided and I truly believe that this is a great way to get students more involved on campus, as well as a way to let them take their minds off of their studies, even if it’s just for a little bit. As students, we sometimes forget that there is more to the world besides school, work, and sports (if you are a college athlete). After the amount of studying and homework we are required to do, we deserve a little break. So the next time you see an email about an event the Student Activities Council is sponsoring, take the time and participate. I encourage you to take part in what the SAC has to offer.

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