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admin January 27, 2017

Softball Pre-Season Questions:


Interviewing Kerigan Torres:

Question #1

Me: What are you guys doing as a team to prepare for this upcoming season?

Kerigan: We are doing a lot of physical training for the most part to keep our bodies in shape. Every now and then we go into the gym and work on our throws and pitches to make sure our skills are still up to par.

Question #2

Me: What are you doing mentally to prepare for the season?

Kerigan: I’m just being smart with what I do going out on the weekends, making sure I don’t get into trouble. I’m also making sure I keep my grades up in the classroom.

Question #3

Me: How do you think you guys will do this upcoming season?

Kerigan: I think we will do well. All of us are pretty much on the same page when it comes to competing and making a run for being the leaders in our conference. I think that’s always a good first step.

Interviewing Coach Martin:

Question #1

Me: How do you feel about this upcoming softball season?

Martin: I feel great and confident. The effort the girls have been putting into our strength and conditioning sessions is great. I think it could definitely for shadow how their effort will be during the season. They want to win.

Question #2

Me: What specific kinds of exercises do the girls do during strength and conditioning?

Martin: There are a variety of exercises they do. Each day works a different group of muscles. For example, one day will be all legs. Another day, our main focus will be on the upper body muscles. For upper body days, their main exercise will be dumbbell curls and military press. These exercises work the bicep muscles and the shoulders. For leg day, their main exercises are the front squat and back squat.


Question #3

Me: What have you been going from a coaching stand point to prepare for the season?

Martin: I like to stay mentally focused. Whether it coming up with new game plans or going to the gym for a quick workout. My main focus however is just making sure the girls are physically and mentally ready for the season. I have also been watching film with our head coach, and discussing different game plans on how we should begin our season.

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