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Mary Rowan September 8, 2017

Snippets of Life

By Kirsten Dodd, Computer Science Instructor Boone DMACC

A few years ago one of my cats had a funny adventure. During the garden harvesting season, we often have fly strips hanging in our kitchen to get veggie gnats. A bird had somehow gotten into the house one morning and got stuck to the flypaper. The cat, seeing the bird in the window, jumped up and tried to grab the bird. She was not successful, however, she did manage to get the flypaper wrapped around her middle. Yes, the bird was now stuck to the flypaper and the cat. The cat ran around the house trying to remove the bird filled flypaper. It was great!!! Eventually we caught the cat and removed the flypaper and bird. The bird was unharmed so we set her free outside. The cat was slightly traumatized. It makes you think…sometimes you are the bird or cat, and other times you are the flypaper…..

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