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Mary Rowan September 8, 2017

Shaniah Paige, a musician from Roseville, IL, performed Wednesday, Sept 6, in Courter Center. She is 19 years old and was named after Shania Twain. Her mom Angela said she added  the H so Shaniah could be her own person.

Angela gave the following information about Shaniah: She has been professionally touring for the last four years regionally, including performances in Los Angeles and Nashville. Shaniah’s hometown is also the name of an original song she wrote and recorded. There is a video on called Roseville performed by Shaniah. Shaniah has four to five songs on I-Tunes one of which is titled “Be Somebody.” Her producer is from Los Angeles. She is attending school while also doing the college tour circuit. She wants to be able live in New York, be part of a band, and also have a career. She has a fan page on Facebook. Shania is with the label Heart Songs from New Jersey.

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