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Mary Rowan October 25, 2017

Another item checked off the bucket list…

For a great time, go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience participation event. If you are not afraid of a burlesque atmosphere and all around out-of-your-comfort zone evening, you will love this show. Make it more interesting with many laughs by taking shy, conservative friends and watch their expressions. They have to be willing to go out of their comfort zone. For the friend who went with me, I kept checking in, saying, “We can go if you want to.” Her reply every time was “No, I am OK. We came to see the movie.”

The Boone Community Theatre put on the show this year. They also offered an hour and half pre movie show, which was a lot of fun. Theater officials plan to do it next year, as this was their second year of putting on the show. I am already making plans to attend next year with more friends who have agreed they will try it out because of the fun-filled night my friend and I talked about.

Remember to enjoy your moments, laugh and laugh often. Break out into a dance once in a while. That is always great fun and shocks others. Love and  hugs to all.

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