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admin April 13, 2017

By Sydney Robertson

DMACC Honors Student

Guest Columnist

          Community service has played a very important role in my life, from when I was a little kid to even now days. It has taught how me how to work with different personalities and people of all ages. I have made great connections with people who I am able to use for reference letters when applying for scholarship and jobs. The feeling that you get when you are helping make a difference is one that can’t be described, only felt by each person.  

 Community service is important in many ways because it gives you a chance to give back. People are more likely to support something that they use or that they see other people use that they care about. Volunteering strengthens your community for example: improving schools by tutoring or by supporting youth by mentoring or helping with after school programs. I have volunteered many times in my community by helping with park clean up days, coaching elementary softball, and helping with local pancake & soup suppers that my church hosts.

 Another reason why you should volunteer is because it’s good for you. Volunteering is known to reduce stress “experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns.” Volunteering can also make you healthier, emotions like optimism and joy are known to strengthen the immune system. After my experience volunteering at the Special Olympics track and field day at Coe College, I felt great after working with all the athletes and felt like I was more relaxed after working with them.

 Volunteering let’s you gain professional experience by giving you the opportunity to try out a new/different career. You are able to learn more about yourself and might discover talents that you never knew you had. By volunteering you gain knowledge of local resources in your community. If you are able to volunteer through a non-profit organization/agencies, you can gain knowledge about how the government functions and operates. I have volunteered with many professional people who I am able to use for reference letters and letters of recommendation.

 I hope these key points have motivated you to go out and volunteer in your community. The benefits of volunteering is life changing and look great when applying for college, scholarships, and will look great to future employers. There are many places to volunteer below I have listed some of my favorite places to volunteer:

·         Meals from the Heartland: West Des Moines, IA 

·         Miracle League: Ankney, IA

·         Shop with a Cop: Boone, IA

·         Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Boone, IA

Sydney Robertson is from Shellsburg, Iowa.  She currently attends DMACC in Boone where she plays softball. After graduating in May she plans to transfer to Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids. While there, she will be working towards a degree in Elementary Education. Her dream after graduation is to teach kindergarten and coach softball at the high school level.

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