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Cavin Leeds September 1, 2017

Mia and Mary

By Mia Wang and Mary Rowan

Banner News staff writers


Banner News reporters on Friday asked students and staff their plans for Labor Day.

Melanie Murray, the library circulation assistant, said for Saturday and Sunday she will just relax and hangout with friends. On Monday, she will have a family reunion and have a big lunch together.

Darryl Howard, a DMACC student, said most of his family will come to town and celebrate, including his daughter who is also in college.

Tanner and Madi

By Madi Neely and Tanner Wasson

Banner News staff writers


Two DMACC students shared what they will be doing over the Labor Day holiday on Monday, Sept. 4.

Freshman Allie Swanson said, “I will be playing volleyball that night.”

Freshman Maddie Sturtz chimed in and said, “I will be working until 3 p.m. and then I will also be playing volleyball.”

Jonas and Dalton

By Jonas Patlan and Dalton Patterson

Banner News staff writers


Today the Banner News staff set out to get an inside look at some plans of the Boone DMACC campus student body for the Labor Day weekend ahead. Plans ranged from “an extra Sunday night” for Quinton Bhale, to cracking a cold one at Saturday’s ISU tailgate for Jake McCullom and his friends.

Jake McCullom
Quinton Bhale
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