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admin May 1, 2017

Are junior colleges through out the US being taken advantage of by students, or are they being taken for granted? There is a large amount of junior colleges in the US, almost too many to count. At a majority of these junior colleges, the funding isn’t nearly as much as universities or other 4 year schools. This under funding leads to some flaws in education and teaching. These flaws usually lead to students taking the education for granted and becoming lazy. Some student have even stated that their teachers even get lazy sometimes. “I’ve had a couple teachers in the past who have just read of the powerpoint for the entire class period.” DMACC student Adam Shorkey says.  Many teachers themselves have stated that there are multiple times where a students have fallen asleep in their class. What could the reason for that be though? Is it the teaching or the ambition of the students that’s lacking? I honestly believe that there should be more money invested into junior colleges through out the U.S. We could do so if we reduce the total number of junior colleges out there, probably the much smaller ones. This way, we will have money saved up to pay for great education and university caliber equipment. I’m not saying turn junior colleges into universities, but if we created a better educational environment for junior college students, there will not be as many drop out college students as there are today.

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