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Mary Rowan March 20, 2017


Joe Smith graduated from ISU in 2016. He spoke at the Boone DMACC campus on Wednesday March 1st. He was promoting his new web series Outed. He spoke about the web series being loosely based on parts of his life. Joe plans to release the web series this summer or in the fall. He was a student for one semester at Boone DMACC in the fall of 2015. Sean Taylor,  Psychology/ Sociology Professor, asked Joe to come speak to the students here at the Boone DMACC campus. Joe had a musical called Hollaway the was performed in New York. After his talk he answered questions. The pre views for the Outed web series was about a College student who gets involved with another male student who is an athlete. Joe stated the best advice he ever received was “Write For Yourself”.

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