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Mary Rowan February 10, 2017

Tammie Foltz is a Professor of Sociology at the Boone DMACC campus. She teaches class like Social problems, Philosophy, Marriage and family.
This interview is about one of Tammie’s passions outside of the academic setting. She talks about her past mission trip to Mexico. She is planning another one end of May 2017.
Tammie speaks about how inspiring it is to go on the mission trips. How we start to see things differently. How people become more thankful and grateful. How it feels to help others who have nothing. How to have hot water is so important to people of other countries who are without it till someone helps them to build a house and to have hot water.
If interested in joining her on the mission trip May of 2017 please contact Tammie Foltz. Would involve a cost of $1200
FOLTZ, TAMIE J., 2006, Philosophy/Sociology. A.S., Des Moines Area Community College; B.S., M.S., Iowa State University

Tammie Foltz MS

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