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Mary Rowan February 10, 2017

Rainette Jones

I had the pleasure of interviewing Raenette Jones, a new student at the Boone DMACC campus. We talked about her life and why she came to DMACC for classes. Her sister, who was a student here, was taking a class and Raenette was helping her with her homework. Her sister told the instructor that Rainette was helping her and his reply was “Well, why isn’t she taking classes?” So that was why she applied to DMACC Boone for classes.

The following is Rainette’s Bio in her own words.

Raenette is 56 years old. She got her GED in 1995. Rainette had a Brain tumor behind her eyes in Jan 2008 she had it removed. She was living in Blunt, South Dakota. The town raised over $6000 dollars so she could receive this life saving surgery to remove the tumor and to help with her living expenses. “What was amazing is I was the only black person living there,” she said.

She wrote a thank you letter to the whole town for helping her. She also donated money to her neighbor’s daughter who had leukemia in her blood. Raenette has 3 sons 1 daughter and 21 grand children from the ages of 22 to 1 ½. “I decided to go back to school to help me stretch my mind as I have had problems remembering things.” She feels school will help her gain her memory skills back. She excited with going to school so that she can succeed.

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