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Mary Rowan March 24, 2017

Gathering the Courage
Moonlight spring night on a country road.
Trees surrounding the road I reach across the seat and take your hand and say unto you.
Let’s just coast in the moonlight.
Free fall into each other’s arms when I put it into park.

I look into those blue/green eyes.
Always smile back at me.
Take a drink of our meshing souls. Call it love.
As we accept our destiny.

The winds of autumn are fiercely blowing.
You seem cold. We have no more moonlight nights.
Since you tried to turn your love away from me.

This brown haired brown eyed girl.
Loves to sing to your mind and soul.
How we love our country.
The melting pot within our borders.
Embracing those from other borders.
Love thy winter months.
Fireplace of warmth.

Why must I drink to try to keep you out of my mind?
Why must you close yourself off to the electrifying touch of my heart and soul?
We can love one another from afar.
No need to shut the door.

We struggle to make our way through the cloudy misty overcasting of others.
The love meant to be.
Take the leap from afar to enter into this lonely woman’s heart.

My love my Destiny my Angel jump into my hand woven net.
Jump into from atop all this despair.
I will gladly catch you and lead you to a life of love and happiness.

No drinking required to give us courage.
We know the way to each other’s souls.
Always have always will know thy way.

The armies of the dark Sprites cannot ruin the love we share.
We think too much.
Let us just start to love.
On one knee I say the sprites will leave.
If we face it together.

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