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admin October 6, 2017


By Dalton Patterson

To start this review off, I would like to state that it is definitely a good movie and worth the watch. Tom Holland didn’t seem like he’d be a promising Spider-man, but surprisingly is able to capture the naive, quip-throwing, kid that the hero was always meant to be. For those unaware, Sony and Marvel have been at odds for a long time as Sony is very hesitant to surrender ownership of the brand. This most recent film has been a collaborative undertaking between the two brands. However, despite any butting-heads in the background this new addition to the marvel extended universe has a new take on the typical hero’s journey.

Spider-man Homecoming has us following Peter Parker after the events of Civil War where our young protagonist waits to be called into action once more. Throughout this film, we see Peter connect and interact with the citizens of the city on a level that we haven’t seen from other recent Marvel films. I was impressed with how fresh this film felt in comparison to the story of the Avengers story-line. The way that Director Jon Watts portrays the growth of Spider-man takes the audience along as Peter faces challenges that we don’t usually see. He’s still a kid and that shows so well through Tom Holland’s performance. Not to be outdone; however, the normally unknown villain “Vulture” played by Michael Keaton, takes center stage as a villain with some humble, if not sympathetic beginnings. It’s great to see the lesser known characters in Marvel comics being given a place on the silver screen as it’s a bit of a treat to long time fans of the Marvel Universe.

In conclusion this film faced a lot of scrutiny when revealed to the public, with good reason. What were fans to expect from the third reboot with a mostly unfamiliar cast? I think that viewers will be pleasantly surprised by this film.

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