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admin March 6, 2017

The feud between Mayweather and McGregor has been heating up over the last couple of months especially since the start of 2017. According to the Washington Post on February 14th the two respective fighters have agreed to their personal fees and compensation for the match, and instead there’s a third-party holding them back from making the “mega-fight” official. Connor McGregor was quoted saying, “Originally what happened was Floyd called me up.” McGregor went on to say, ” I don’t give a f*** about Floyd I don’t fear no man under no set rules, I’m sitting there minding my business dominating true fighting and Floyd calls me out and leaves a rumor about a fight that were supposed o fight.” This intrigued Connor enough to actually pursue a highly sought after fight. This fight has captured the eyes of the people and even Mayweather is excited to get this fight official making a statement back at McGregor saying, “Listen, Connor McGregor, if you really want this fight done. Take care of business with the UFC and have your people get in touch with my people.” Floyd took to Instagram.

I took the time to interview one UFC/MMA fan and two other random students from DMACC’s campus to get answers from the students.

The first student I interviewed was UFC/MMA fan Steven Bouma.

Me: “How do you feel about the hype surrounding the fight and the global conception that Floyd has no chance of winning.”

Steve: “I feel any fighter has a fighters chance and with Connor Mcgregor’s MMA background, that gives him a better chance to come out with a victory.”

Me: “How do you invision this fight going based off of what you know about each fighter and their preferred styles?”

Steve: “I believe if Connor can land some punches and hurt the confidence for Mayweather then we may can get a early knock out. I also can see Floyd showing his defensive style and him just not being able to be touched because he’s so quick. Although I do believe McGregor will win.

Me: “With all the hype and money behind these two fighters are you optimistic the fight will happen? If so what do you believe is the hold up?”

Steve: “I believe Mayweather is protecting his legacy and is scared of the chance that he can receive his first professional lose in boxing to someone who is not even a professional boxer. This fight will happen I believe.”

Then I interviewed DMACC student Jacob Loehr and he had this to say.

Me: “How do you feel about the hype surrounding the fight and the global conception that Floyd has no chance of winning.”

Jacob: “They’re right experience is the key, and Floyd has all of it I’m sure he’s licking his chops at Connor McGregor because McGregor has no chance.”

Me: “Let’s say hypothetically McGregor steals a victory should he become legit in the boxing business.”

Jacob: Well I don’t think he will win but if he does, I believe McGregor should just take his win and retire, because he’s already accomplished the biggest goal in boxing which is beating the 49-0 boxer.

Me: “What are some advantages for your favorite fighter in this fight?”

Jacob: “Floyd has the experience of the big fights in the ring and also can go down as one of if not, the greatest defensive boxer in history. So yeah Mayweather has that going for him.”

Me: “A lot of UFC fans rave about McGregor’s energy and how aggressive he is in and out of the ring how does this help or hurt him if at all in the ring?”

Jacob: “He just needs to chill out, I like his energy but he seems to be seeking way too much attention and acceptance. Just chill out.”

Me: One UFC fan that I recently interviewed on campus has the belief that Floyd Mayweather is scared of his reputation and legacy being diminished in a chance of losing to McGregor.

Jacob: I think anyone who thinks Mayweather is scared is misinformed, Mayweather has no reason to be scared even with his legacy on the line because he’s such a great fighter if he just fights his style he’ll put himself in position to easily win.



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