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Mary Rowan April 14, 2017

Mrs. Martino had Elizabeth Wolf from Ames Planned Parenthood speak to her class on April 12 about safe sex and STDs. One point she brought up was that they are starting to call STDs (sexually transmitted disease) STIs, which stands for sexually transmitted infection. One reason in doing this it to remove the stigma of the disease so people will seek help for sexually transmitted infections. Another point she brought up was that almost all STIs are treatable or curable.

Wolf handed out pamphlets about STIs, safe sex, and birth control. There were also many kinds of condoms available for the students. April is get-yourself-tested month for STIs. She showed students how to talk about safe sex. Also a video was shown about how to talk about having a STI. How to deal with the shame when get an STI. The most common symptom is no symptom.
Prevention of an STI are condoms, protection, communication, treatment, abstaining. The most common STIs are gonorrhea and chlamydia. There has been a resurgence of syphilis.

The main focus of the lecture was communication with partners about safe sex and protection. Another focus was the stigma associated with STI infections and dealing with shame. There is no need to feel shame; all medical information is kept confidential. If feel you need tested, then take the steps to get tested even if just for peace of mind.

Wolf mentioned the 20 week abortion ban that is now back in the Iowa Senate because the language has been changed in the House. For the 20 week ban there are 2 percent of women who seek this late term abortion because the child would be born with birth defects in most cases severe birth defects.

Planned Parenthood offers STI testing and treatment also HIV testing and prep pregnancy testing. Abortion, adoption and options counseling. They also offer male services, along with menopause services and transgender care.

The Planned Parenthood contact number is 877-811-7526

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