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Cavin Leeds March 22, 2017

By Timothy Summy

I first did meth when I was 14. A couple of my friends and I would put it in a cup of coffee. It was not until I was in my 20s that I started doing meth every day. In the beginning it seemed like a lot of fun, staying up all night working on my big 4×4 truck.

When I was on the drug all was fun. It even made cleaning fun. I enjoyed working on my truck the most. I would come home from work and spend all night taking it apart so I could put a lift kit and large tires on it. I had become so engrossed that I called off work for a week. I got the lift kit put on it, yet the large tires had not been shipped yet. I had spent the week all day and night taking the undercarriage apart cleaning them and painting the whole thing black with red as a trim color. It really looked good.

That next Monday I went to work and all my co-workers made nice remarks as to how nice the bottom of the truck looked. They can see how much attention to detail had been done. It looked better than it did when it was new.

On my way home I kept falling asleep and almost wrecking. I pulled over and did some meth to keep me awake. Well, it did not work. Just west of Pella I fell asleep and hit semi-truck. Not only was I real lucky to be alive, I also did not hurt anybody. It did bang up my freshly rebuilt truck, it also did some damage to the semi-truck. I was also lucky that I did not get caught with the meth I had in my pocket.

Shortly after the crash I got fired from my job because I was calling in to work often. I started selling meth. Selling meth gave me a God complex. People will do all most anything to get the drug. I had people who would go steal anything I wanted to trade for the drug.

One day I was driving my friend home and I got pulled over. I got busted with possession of a controlled substance and carrying a concealed weapon, and off to jail I went. So there I was in jail looking at a possible 20 years. I sat in jail for two weeks before one of my best friends bailed me out.

Knowing that I would need a good lawyer, but did not have the $5,000 that the lawyer wanted, I did the only thing I knew at the time was to deal drugs and make the money. After a week, I had $1000 to give the lawyer as a down payment. The lawyer warned me not to get caught again because I would for sure end up in prison. I went back home and was dealing more than just meth, I also was dealing pot and pills. Anything to make the money I needed for the lawyer.

About 45 days later the police came and raided my house. They found meth, pot, pills, guns, and a “no drug zone” sign. All together I was now facing 85 years in charges, and off to jail I went. I ended up taking a plea deal I would plead guilty to the first charges with no enhancement which meant 12 years and they would drop the charges from the raid.

So I went to prison. I served 3 and half years inside then 2 and half years on parole. I discharged in 2002. So as said in the title, “drugs are bad.”



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