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Ainsley Schuler February 21, 2018
 Kyle Nevitt, Louis P., and Garrett Lentsch
 Did you know college partying can be both good and bad for you? Party culture is something that is extremely prominent in today’s society, especially among college campus. The social media boom among the younger generation and the glorification of party culture has created social media pages like Barstool Sports, 5th Year, Old Row, TFM, and Iowa Chill that most college students worship. What are the positive and negatives of glorifying the party culture? This article, written by college students for college students, will hopefully shed light onto this controversial topic.
Benefits of Partying?
You meet tons of people and become more diverse.
Going to parties is a great way to meet new people in college. Tons of people go to them. Tons of people party. Therefore, you will probably meet tons of people.
You are only young once, so you might as well make memories.
College is oftentimes considered time for experimentation, the time to expand horizons, and learn what you like and what you don’t like. Looking back onto your college days, would you rather say, “I wish I had more fun” or “I wish I didn’t go out as much?”
You learn to say no.
Part of college and entering the adult world is making decisions for oneself every day. Learning to say no to things that you don’t want to do, don’t interest you, or you feel to be immoral or unsafe is very important. Your friends want to go out drinking, but you have a big test tomorrow, you say no. You see people at a party doing illegal drugs, you say no. learning to say no is a very important part of college, and a very important part of becoming an adult.
Partying Cons?
Sexual assault.
Date rape & sexual assault are considered epidemics on college campus according to many attorneys general across the United States.
Binge drinking.
Binge drinking has its downfalls. Weight gain, loss of brain cells, destruction of kidneys and other internal organs, as well alcohol and its ties to addiction. Doing this multiple times per week and the negative effects are magnified.
Not focusing on school.
Tequila Tuesday, wasted Wednesday, thirsty Thursday, and not to mention your traditional Friday and saturday night on a college campus. Going out and binge drinking could be the reason for excessively high dropout rates, poor GPAs, and lack of study time and not preparing for class & tests.

In college there are positive and negative effects to partying. Some people believe that partying can lead one down the wrong path while others believe that partying can help with everyday skills and relieve stress from everyday life. Although the party life may be enthusiastic to some, but many people frown upon partying in teens. Party with smart intentions, and one will not be lead down the wrong path. In conclusion, partying can be both good and bad. If you want to succeed in life, stick to not partying so much in the week if you want to succeed in school and get a good job in the future.